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Welcome to New to Joomla!
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Joomla! LogoSometimes the instructions and documentation have not yet caught up, so it's not easy for Joomla newcomers to get started.

This site is dedicated to filling that gap and helping you solve Joomla problems.

This site is built with Joomla! what else would you expect? Browse around and you will find useful Joomla examples, demonstrations of layouts and more.

You can see theĀ clean Joomla installation here, (opens in a new window) it's just what you would expect, a fresh installation of Joomla without any changes. It means that you can look at it and see whether or not you like it enough to put it onto your server and try it out.

In the tutorials section you'll find some popular Joomla tutorials, such as How to remove the Joomla footnote, how to set up a mysql database for Joomla and more recently, How to use javascript and jQuery on Joomla pages. If you want to add additional facilities like google maps then jquery is essential.


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